About us

"ŽALIA GIRIA" is a natural spring water with an original chemical composition.

Produced for over 20 years, "ŽALIA GIRIA" stands out for its exceptionally gentle and pure quality, featuring an unchanging chemical composition and enriched with minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, and sodium from the depths of the earth.
Out subtly balanced, gentle tasting spring water is not only perfect for refreshment but also ideal for culinary purposes.
Obtained from a depth of 200 meters, the "ŽALIA GIRIA" Source is located in the Medininkai Highlands geomorphological region, formed before the last glacier. In this area, remnants of the Quaternary geological system, shaped by a glacier up to 140 meters thick, give rise to the source.
Since its establishment in 2001, the water plant has been systematically ensuring the quality of the supplied water, with continuous monitoring of underground water conducted by Vilnius Hydrogeology since 2005, the results of which are analyzed in annual hydrogeological monitoring reports. 
"ŽALIA GIRIA" was among the first in Lithuania to use recycled plastic in bottles and labels. Currently, consumers can purchase bottles made with up to 30% recycled plastic.
We care about what we leave after us, therefore, we contribute to environmental initiatives and nature conservation projects.

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