Our Values

Dear Human,

Remember the tale of the small blue dot? One of the wisest among you crafted it. He said that from the cosmic perspective, all human ambitions and intrigues, all wars, all joys, everything that has lived and will live, fit within that small blue dot.

He wanted to advise you not to be boastful.
Not to regard nature as an endless resource.
Not to see each other as adversaries.
Because one who has a healthy relationship with nature, who can immerse oneself in it, will find it hard to be angry.

For it's easier for one to be happy.
But to have nature is not about ownership; rather, it's a call to share, respect, and protect it.
Caring for it as if it were your own, because it is indeed yours.
Not to alienate, but to embrace it.

To understand that beyond yourself, human, there are millions of other organisms that have no desire to destroy nature.
So, give me your hand, human, let's reconcile.
For I will be good to you, but you need me more.
Because true happiness cannot be found solely on screens.

ŽALIA GIRIA is nature's gift, wrapped in the most convenient format for human refreshment and a gentle reminder of our eternal connection. It is water that inspires action and creativity, helping us to feel our identity and discover harmony. Our aim is to maintain balance: not only to take from nature, but also give back to it.